Starfield’s June Update Adds New Missions, Bounty-Scanning, And Creation Kit, But No Vehicles


Following the release of Starfield‘s massive (but rather underwhelming) May update, Bethesda has just released version ​​1.12.30 of the game, known as the June update. Starfield’s June update includes a number of features, including new missions, a new bounty-scanning mechanic, and the introduction of the Starfield Creation Kit for all modders (it was previously released for modders hand-picked by Bethesda).

Sadly, it seems that land vehicles–which Bethesda confirmed are in development last month–still aren’t on the menu (yet). Regardless, the update includes quite a few changes, quality-of-life improvements, and, of course, a good number of bug-fixes.

The Starfield Creation Kit is now available to all modders, and can be downloaded on Steam. Players on all platforms can now access Creations, including unique new missions, gear, skins, and weapons, among other content. Creations can be accessed via the game’s menu, and Bethesda has a special surprise for certain players: Anyone who ordered the Premium Edition of Starfield will find that 1,000 Creation Credits have been added to their account, free of charge.

Two new Tracker’s Alliance missions have also been added. The first, called The Starjacker, puts players in contact with a mysterious Tracker located in various parts of The Settled Systems. The second mission, called The Vulture, is a Bethesda Game Studios Creation, meaning it can only be accessed via the Creations menu mentioned above. This new mission will cost real-life cash unless you happen to have received the aforementioned 1,000 Creation Credits for ordering the Special Edition version of Starfield. Both missions see players taking on serious bounty-hunting gigs that can end in riches–or disaster.

Speaking of bounty-hunting, Starfield’s June update introduces a new “bounty scanner” mechanic, which enables players to seek out targets with active bounties on their heads, and dispose of them (or work things out without exchanging gunfire). Using the scanner function, players can now identify targets in crowds of NPCs. Wanted individuals will be highlighted in red, and scanning them directly will reveal their name, the crimes they’re wanted for, and how many credits the player will earn for bringing them in. Tracker-loving, trigger-happy players who are especially hungry for bounty-hunting content can also check out the Elite Tracker’s Alliance mission board for more heads to hunt.

There’s still no news on when land vehicles will be added to the game, but they’re likely to arrive sometime between now and the release of Starfield’s upcoming Shattered Space expansion–a DLC focused on an abandoned space station and ancient Va’Ruun secrets–which is scheduled to release sometime this fall.

The full Starfield version 1.12.30 patch notes are listed below. For more information on the latest update, check out Bethesda’s June update blog post.

Patch Notes



• General performance and stability improvements.


• Gameplay Options: Addressed a sustenance issue that caused sneak attack damage to be too high.

• Ship Decoration: Nova Galactic All-in-One 2×1 Habs will now declutter properly.

• Ship Decoration: Items can no longer be placed on ladders.

• Addressed an issue that could cause Guards to give up their chase too easily.

• Fixed an issue that caused visited space locations to appear undiscovered.

• Addressed an issue that could occur when modifying the player’s ship at The Key.

• Addressed a rare issue that could cause some objects to behave as if they were in zero-g.

• Fixed a crowd character issue that could appear when loading a save.

• Removed the “Fast Travel to Ship” button from screens where it could not be utilized.

• Fixed an issue that could occur when opening photo mode at the start of a conversation.

• Fixed an issue that could occur when trying to exit the pilot seat while landing.

• Addressed an issue with incrementing the “Ships Modified” stat when entering ship builder.

• Quest Trackers should highlight the correct NAT station when traveling to the Lodge in New Atlantis.

• Cora Coe should now accept books even if the Main Quest is skipped after entering the Unity.


• Fixed an issue which could cause a bright light when loading a save into New Atlantis.

• Fixed an issue that could cause some objects to become hidden when they should be visible.


• Resolved an issue where the Power Management Robot could unintentionally reduce power.


• Background Checks: Fixed an issue where the player could receive an unintentional trespassing message.