Fire Emblem: Three Houses Guide – Class Requirement List



Fire Emblem: Three Houses is all about taking a group of students, and as their professor, turning into absolute killing machines. That’s a problematic setup, but the real question is: What kind of killing machines should they be? Before you start each Sunday, you’ll be given the chance to certify your students in a new unit class, provided they’ve met the requirements.

You’ll need Seals to do so, which can be found in battle or purchased from the item shop. You’ll have a greater chance of passing a certification exam if your student has reached all the recommended skill thresholds listed. You can definitely still pass on lower percentages too, but it’s worth noting that each unit can only take on exam per week.

It’s also worth noting that there’s value in sticking with a more basic class for a little while: Maxing out the experience of a certain class will earn you a class-specific ability which you can retain, even if you change to a different one.

In a similar vein, you’ll later find that some students will develop a personal, unique Combat Art when they master an Advanced class–one that will be available on top of the three Combat Art slots for each character–which is a pretty good reason not to push them any further into a Master Class just for the sake of it.

To make sure you’re working towards the right goals for each of your units, here are the thresholds and requirements for your convenience:

Beginner – Level 5 Requirement

  • Myrmidon (Sword: D)
  • Soldier (Lance: D)
  • Fighter (Axe: D, Bow: D, Brawl: D)
  • Monk (Reason: D, Faith: D)

Intermediate – Level 10 Requirement

  • Mercenary (Sword: C)
  • Thief (Sword: C)
  • Armored Knight (Axe: C, Hvy Armor: D)
  • Cavalier (Lance: C, Riding: D)
  • Brigand (Axe: C)
  • Archer (Bow: C)
  • Brawler (Brawl: C) [Male Only]
  • Mage (Reason: C)
  • Dark Mage (Reason: C) [Male Only]
  • Priest (Faith: C)
  • Pegasus Knight (Lance: C, Flying: D) [Female Only]

Advanced – Level 20 Requirement

  • Hero (Sword: B, Axe: C) [Male Only]
  • Swordmaster (Sword: A)
  • Assassin (Sword: B, Bow: C)
  • Fortress Knight (Axe: B, Hvy Armor: B)
  • Paladin (Lance: B, Riding: B)
  • Wyvern Rider (Axe: B, Flying: C)
  • Warrior (Axe: A)
  • Sniper (Bow: A)
  • Grappler (Brawl: A) [Male Only]
  • Warlock (Reason: A)
  • Dark Bishop (Reason: A) [Male Only]
  • Bishop (Faith: A)

Master – Level 30 Requirement

  • Falcon Knight (Sword: C, Lance: A, Flying: B+) [Female Only]
  • Wyvern Lord (Lance: C, Axe: A, Flying: A)
  • Mortal Savant (Sword: A, Reason: B+)
  • Great Knight (Axe: B+, Hvy Armor: A, Riding: B+)
  • Bow Knight (Lance: C, Bow: A, Riding: A)
  • Dark Knight (Lance: C, Reason: B+, Riding: A)
  • Holy Knight (Lance: C, Faith: B+, Riding: A)
  • War Master (Axe: A, Brawl: A) [Male Only]
  • Gremory (Reason: A, Faith: A) [Female Only]

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Credit: GameSpot