CoD: Warzone Will Add Black Ops 6’s New Omnidirectional Movement


Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 was officially unveiled during the Xbox Games Showcase, and now a new report reveals that the game’s omnidirectional movement system is also coming to Warzone.

Black Ops 6 is set to completely overhaul Call of Duty’s movement system with the introduction of omnidirectional movement, which allows players to sprint, dive, and slide in any direction. Players can even rotate their bodies for a full 360 degrees when going prone.

A feature from Screenrant reports that Treyarch confirmed Black Ops 6’s new movement will also be added to Warzone. Movement is already a huge part of Warzone with features like slide-canceling, so this more advanced system can provide new ways for players to chain together movement and further play their life in battle royale.

Unfortunately, Treyarch was unable to provide any further details about Black Ops 6’s integration with Warzone, but an Activision blog post did confirm the integration will arrive with the Season 1 update. More details about Black Ops 6 multiplayer will arrive during the Call of Duty Next event on August 28, but it’s uncertain if this will include any information for Warzone.

Here we highlight all the major announcements from the Black Ops 6 reveal, which includes campaign details, more information on the movement system, and the first look at Zombies mode. Black Ops 6 is also revealed to include more HUD customization than ever before.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 launches on October 25, and it will be available on Game Pass for day one.