Star Wars 4v4 Hero Shooter Is Coming To Switch And Mobile In June


Over three years since its first gameplay trailer and nearly six since the deal between Disney and Zynga was announced, Star Wars Hunters–the 4v4 multiplayer hero shooter featuring new characters to the Star Wars lore–will finally launch on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices on June 4.

A new blog post on revealed the now-impending launch date for Star Wars Hunters, along with a trailer showing off some of the hunters players will choose from. Seen in the trailer are J-3DI, the droid that thinks it’s a Jedi master; Slingshot, a droidka piloted by an Ugnaught; and Utooni, which is two Jawas wearing a trenchcoat.

Hunters will offer players multiple ways to play both with friends and against AI bots, which include standard “deathmatch” rules in Squad Brawl mode and point-control matches in Dynamic Control. Another mode, Trophy Chase, is a race for teams to control a small golden droid–the aptly named TR0-F33–for a certain amount of time.

Star Wars Hunters debuted during the February 2021 Nintendo Direct, where the first gameplay trailer aired. The game did soft launch in Asian countries later that year, though Zynga announced a delay of the worldwide launch soon after.

Star Wars Hunters will launch June 4 for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Interested players can pre-register now for special rewards which will unlock on day one.