PSA: Make Sure To Pick The Same Faction As Your Friends In Gray Zone Warfare


Gray Zone Warfare is a new tactical shooter in early access on Steam, where you can squad up with your friends… if you choose the same faction that is. Players are reporting that if you choose a different faction from your friends when playing Gray Zone Warfare, you will be unable to party up together and there is currently no way to change factions.

Shared on the game’s subreddit, players have found that once you choose one of three factions in Gray Zone Warfare, your account is locked into that faction. You are also only able to play with people in the same faction as you, so if your friends choose a different faction, you will be unable to play together. There currently is no way to reset your account or make a new character, with the only potential workaround being to make a new Steam account and family-sharing the game to it.

Gray Zone Warfare is an MMO tactical shooter featuring both PvPvE and PvE extraction-like gameplay. Its main features include being ultra-realistic, with highly customizable guns and a unique health system that tries to simulate a more realistic version of taking damage in combat. One of the main appeals of Gray Zone Warfare is squadding up with friends to explore with, which is why being unable to switch factions is causing such an uproar.

Gray Zone Warfare is currently sitting at Mixed on Steam with over 3,500 reviews. The majority of the negative reviews cite performance issues, with the game unable to maintain a stable frame rate on some PCs.