Platinum Games Is Holding A Metal Gear Rising 10th Anniversary Celebration Later This Month


Platinum Games has announced that it’ll be celebrating the 10th anniversary of cult-classic game, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, later this month. The developer’s celebration of the hack-and-slash adventure will take place on February 21. Platinum hasn’t revealed a digital venue or exact timing just yet, but it did make the announcement with some brand-new and adorable art of Raiden in his trademark electrolyte-harvesting pose.

2022 was an interesting year for Metal Gear Rising, as the game saw a resurgence in traffic across platforms. On PC alone, it peaked in June with over 6,000 concurrent players according to Steam Charts, which is impressive for an older game that can generally be completed in around 3-4 hours.

As for why Metal Gear Rising was experiencing a surge in traffic, that’s likely down to a variety of reasons, including YouTubers making well-received retrospectives about the game, as well as price-cuts and current-gen availability on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One through Microsoft’s backwards compatibility program. It also helps that Metal Gear Rising has an immortal soundtrack, adding to the game’s enduring legacy.

As for a possible sequel to Metal Gear Rising, fans had been anticipating a follow-up ever since an image of Raiden appearing next to a giant “2” written in the game’s font appeared during a PS4 showreel at the 2015 Taipei Games Show. A post from Platinum explained that the artwork had been created to mark the second anniversary of Revengeance’s launch, and Sony included it in its marketing.