Palworld’s New Xbox Update Just Broke Multiplayer


Palworld recently added its first raid encounter, but unfortunately for Xbox users, the game’s latest update also crippled its multiplayer functionality.

In a post on X, the official Palworld account asked that players temporarily not load multiplayer data on Xbox while it investigates an issue with the new patch.

“In the Xbox version v0.2.0.6 that was released today, we have confirmed an issue where multiplayer save data is not being loaded correctly when multiplayer save data from an older version is loaded,” the post from developer Pocketpair states. “This issue is currently being investigated by the development team. In the meantime, we apologize but please do not try to load multiplayer data on Xbox.”

Another known issue affecting both the Xbox and the PC version of Palworld is eggs being unable to be placed in incubators. Pocketpair says that while it’s investigating a fix, dismantling and rebuilding incubators will remedy the issue in the meantime.

Patch added the game’s first raid, Bellanoir, which can be challenged on both normal and “extreme” difficulty. A number of new items were introduced, including the Ring of Mercy, new stat-boosting fruit, and Ability Glasses that allow users to see Pal stats when worn. Other changes include more lax building restrictions, the ability to alter character appearances after starting the game, and various balance changes.

Pocketpair is already teasing a “massive, content-packed update” slated to arrive in the summer, one that will add a new island to explore alongside new Pals, weapons, and buildings.

Though Palworld’s popularity has dipped following its record-breaking launch, it’s still among the top-played games on Steam. The game also launched day one on Xbox Game Pass for PC and console, further boosting its player numbers. Palworld’s “Pokemon with guns” aesthetic caught the eye of The Pokemon Company back in January, who stated it would be investigating Pocketpair’s monster-collecting survival game for “acts that infringe on intellectual property rights.”