Destiny 2 Is Finally Adding Exotic Class Items In The Final Shape, But With Some Neat Twists


Destiny 2’s armor system has consisted of five slots, but only four of them allowed for Exotic variations. While you could equip an Exotic helmet, gauntlets, chest armor, or leg armor, there has never been an Exotic class item. Until now that is, as The Final Shape introduces this new tier of power to players, allowing them to equip Exotic Warlock bonds, Hunter cloaks, or Titan marks.

The twist here is that you won’t find new Exotic perks on these class items, but they can leech abilities from existing Exotic armor pieces to help enhance a Guardian’s abilities. Two perks can be taken from other Exotics–including perks from other Guardian classes–but where things get tricky is that these perks are the result of a random roll. So while there is potential to get an Exotic class item that slots perfectly into your particular playstyle and build, there’s a good chance you’ll need to do some heavy farming to obtain that sought-after god roll.

One potential combination teased by Bungie was a Titan Exotic mark with Spirit of the Star-Eater and Spirit of the Ophidian perks. Together, that class item will allow for quick reloads and overcharged Super abilities when you pick up orbs of power, but building a Guardian around that Exotic could prove challenging. With the right roll, there could be some massive potential to create a truly devastating Guardian for use in The Final Shape and PvP.

Warlock Exotic class item

Exotic class items are just the tip of the iceberg for Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion, as June will see the Prismatic subclass debut alongside a new enemy faction, the Dread. But for now, Destiny 2 players can look forward to new content starting this month with the launch of Into the Light.