More Seasonal Content And Items Are Leaving Destiny 2 With Lightfall Release


Before the launch of yearly expansions in Destiny 2, some content enters the Destiny Content Vault, removing it from the game. In this week’s blog post, Bungie shared some items, currencies, and quests that will enter the Destiny Content Vault when Lightfall launches on February 28 as Destiny 2’s Year 6 DLC, and it includes the bulk of the new seasonal content from the past year.

All bounties, missions, and quests from Season of the Risen–which launched with The Witch Queen expansion–up through the current Season of the Seraph will leave the game, except for PsiOps and Heist Battlegrounds activities. All Battlegrounds activities will be in the Vanguard Ops playlist in the upcoming season.

Additionally, Ritual weapons, Pinnacle weapon quests, and Ornaments earned from Season 16 to Season 19 will enter the DCV. However, such gear will be available at the Monument to Lost Lights Exotic Archive at the Tower by the Vault.

On top of Destination Materials exiting Destiny 2, other items and currencies that belong to their respective seasons, such as Psychogenic Intel, Vestiges of Dread, Opulent Keys, Seraph Key Codes, Umbral Energy, and more–you can check out the entire list on Bungie’s Help page–will leave Destiny 2. You can exchange your Destination Materials at the Tower Cryptarch for Glimmer or head to the H.E.L.M. to use your Seasonal items and currencies.

Bungie also noted that players should manually discard these materials from their inventories. Also, the developer clarified that expansion content, like The Witch Queen, will not enter the DCV.

Earlier in the week, Bungie shared a new trailer and details about the new Strand Darkness subclass.