Sea Of Thieves Season 12 Launches Next Week With New Weapons And Pets


Sea of Thieves Season 12 is scheduled to launch next week on April 30. Ahead of its launch, Rare decided to share some information on what changes players can expect in the upcoming season, including the use of throwing knives, new ways to board ships, and the ability to summon skeletons to help in a fight.

In a video shared on the official Sea of Thieves YouTube channel, the studio explained that an update on April 25 will allow players “to get straight into the new features” when Season 12 launches on April 30. Players who recently participated in the game’s closed beta for PS5 will have a few cosmetic rewards waiting for them when they jump into the game. These Dauntless Adventurer Sails are “an homage to the Vanguard Sails” Rare gave out to Xbox and PC beta players in 2017.

Rare also explained that servers are returning to allow for as many as six ships and 18 players per server following some updates that stabilized this part of the game.

From April 30 to May 7, players will also be able to earn new cosmetics via Twitch Drops. Those who participate will unlock the Sea Dog Tankard Pocket Watch, the Eastern Wind Sapphire Boots, and the Short Jacket. Of course, the Pirate Emporium will get a wave of new content, including new owl pets that players can unlock with real-world money on April 30. With the launch of Season 12, all this, plus new weapons like throwing knives and new tools (not rules), will be available.

It’s safe to say that PlayStation players are excited to travel the seas. As of late, it’s earned a spot on the PS5 best-seller charts.