How Long To Beat Redfall


Redfall is now available on Xbox and PC, including Game Pass for both platforms. That means you could be rounding up three friends for some vampire-hunting right now. But before you go, you may want to know how long the game is. Well, we’ve beaten it already, so here’s your answer.

How long is Redfall?

Redfall is a four-player open-world game that will take most players somewhere around 20 hours to complete. This playthrough estimate accounts for a typical type of player–one who will do some but not all of the open-world activities. For more playtime estimates, keep reading.

Those who wish to only mainline the story can expect something between 15-20 hours of playtime. However, be aware that some side missions are necessary for main story progress, as you won’t be able to take on bosses until you’ve killed enough underbosses, and for that you’ll need to wipe vampires and cultists out of neighborhoods. So while it’s true you can mainline the game to beat it sooner, here “mainlining” still comes with some side-questing too.

Of course, for players who want to do absolutely everything in the game, you’re looking at something more like 30 hours. For that, you’ll want to complete all optional quests, clear all neighborhoods, and collect all 100 Grave Locks, an in-game collectible that provides both gameplay buffs and lore.

In total, the game is big, but not massive, for better or worse. Though, if you’ve read our Redfall review, you might see it’s best to download something else from Game Pass this week anyway.