Asus Customizable Xbox Controller Drops To Lowest Price Yet At Amazon


The ROG Raikiri and Raikiri Pro Xbox controllers from Asus are discounted for a limited time at Amazon. The deal drops the price for the wireless ROG Raikiri Pro model to just $110 (was $150), and the standard ROG Raikiri controller down to $80 (normally $100), saving you a good chunk on two of the most feature-packed third-party gamepads out there.

While both ROG Raikiri controllers feature numerous high-end features, the big draw is the built-in digital-to-analog converter (DAC), which enhances audio while listening to a wired headset or pair of headphones plugged into the 3.5mm port. They also feature remappable rear buttons–two on the Raikiri, four on the Raikiri Pro–and customizable settings like trigger and joystick sensitivity, and button remapping, all of which is accessible in the ROG Armoury Crate desktop app.

ROG Raikiri and ROG Raikiri Pro

From there, the rest of the features differ slightly between the two models. The Raikiri Pro has a built-in OLED display you can use to modify some of the controller’s onboard settings rather than the Armoury Create app. It also offers three connection modes: 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth, or wired USB-C. On the other hand, the standard Raikiri ditches the OLED screen and wireless connectivity for a wired design that connects via the included USB cable, and also has customizable RGB lighting. Both controllers support Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows.

We’re not sure how long the ROG Raikiri discounts will be available, so be sure to grab them while they’re on sale at Amazon if you’re if you’re interested in either controller.

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