Housemarque Teases Something For Returnal’s Three-Year Anniversary This Week


Returnal developer Housemarque has teased something for the game’s third-year anniversary, which is April 30.

On Twitter, Housemarque posted a cryptic picture of what looks to be the main protagonist, Seline, and her eyes, reflected on a piece of shattered glass. The picture also says, “Tomorrow,” which references the date the game was first released in 2021.

It’s unclear what might be coming. Returnal has already gotten a Steam port, as well as the Ascension DLC. Of course, there’s always the possibility that it’s simply just additional DLC.

Given that the focus is on Seline’s eyes, perhaps it’s a cheeky reference to VR, and that Housemarque could be working to make Returnal compatible with PSVR 2. A sequel is a possibility as well. However, Housemarque has already said that its next project is a new IP, so that seems unlikely. While we may not know many details about Housemarque’s next project, it’s most likely a PS5 console exclusive, as Sony acquired the studio in June 2021 shortly after the release of Returnal.

Returnal’s director, Harry Krueger, left Housemarque last year in November after being with the company for 14 years.

In GameSpot’s Returnal review, we said, “Returnal blends elements of shooters, roguelikes, action games, and horror to redefine bullet hell and conjure a mysterious, moody masterpiece.”