Kingdom Hearts 4 Might Be Releasing In 2025, Insider Claims


The long awaited Kingdom Hearts IV might be coming soon than anticipated. If an insider is to be believed, the game is reportedly releasing in 2025.

According to Twitter user DanielRPK, the latest mainline entry in the Kingdom Hearts series is due out next year. It was reportedly also in development for the past four years. DanielRPK also recently leaked that a follow-up to Sonic Frontiers was in development. The prominent SEGA leaker Midori corroborated this, adding that this apparent game may not necessarily be called Sonic Frontiers 2, it reportedly has the same 3D and open-world gameplay style.

Not many details about Kingdom Hearts IV have been revealed, not even the release window or intended platforms. We do know, however, that the game is being built in Unreal Engine 5.

Kingdom Hearts IV was first announced in 2022. It starts the new “Lost Master” story arc and it takes place in a city called Quadratum, a realistic world inspired by Tokyo. Some gameplay mechanics that have been confirmed to return are parkour elements and Reaction Commands, the latter of which were introduced in Kingdom Hearts II.

The last mainline Kingdom Hearts game was 2019’s Kingdom Hearts III. A rhythm-action game spin-off, Melody of Memory, was released in 2020.