Haunted Paws Is A “Cozy Co-Op Horror” Game That Lets You Play As A Dog


Those who adopt a pet often refer to the act as “rescuing” their new pal, but what if the pet had the chance to rescue its human? Today during the OTK Games Expo livestream, two-person indie studio Lazy Flock revealed Haunted Paws, a new “cozy co-op horror” game where two intrepid doggos will get their chance to be the rescuers.

Haunted Paws puts players in the role of a sweet little pupper who must save its human from being imprisoned in a haunted house. The game will feature both local and online co-op at launch, as well as a suite of accessibility options including colorblind modes and adjustable text sizes.

The heroic hounds of Haunted Paws will dig for clues, follow the scent of their owner through the house, and solve puzzles in order to ultimately free them. Each dog can be customized not only to look like a player’s real-world canine companion, but also with individual accessories for maximum style.

The Haunted Paws reveal trailer shows all of this in action, including a puzzle where one dog must free the other dog from being locked in a cage by finding a key, as well as another dog in a dapper top hat flipping a switch in order to move a bookcase and find a secret area.

No definitive release window was announced with the reveal, but interested players can wishlist Haunted Paws on Steam now.