Harvest Moon: One World Is Getting A Budget-Friendly Complete Edition For Nintendo Switch


Harvest Moon: One World is getting a new Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch that will bundle the base game with all post-launch DLC for $30. Harvest Moon: One World Complete launches on August 13, and preorders for the physical edition are now available online. You can even get a limited-edition plush with the game while supplies last.

Harvest Moon: One World preorder bonuses

Harvest Moon: One World Comeplete Yeti plush preorder bonus

The first batch of physical edition Harvest Moon: One World Complete preorders will include a special plush character based on the Yeti creature you can encounter in-game. So far, the Yeti plush is only listed as a bonus if you preorder directly from Natsume; the Amazon listing does not mention the bonus plush. However, since Amazon doesn’t charge for preorders until your order ships, you could secure your copy early at both locations and wait to see if the plush is confirmed for Amazon, then cancel one of the orders before launch.

Harvest Moon: One World iterates on the long-running series’ farming and life-sim gameplay, turning it into a more exploration-based adventure with elements that seem heavily inspired by Pokemon. Players create their own character and then embark on a quest to collect Harvest Wisps hidden throughout the world that unlock new crops in their “Vegedex” that can be farmed with the new portable “expando-farm.”

While the game was met with mixed reception from critics and fans, this new Complete edition’s $30 price tag and comprehensive content package will likely be the best way to experience the game for Switch players. That said, if you don’t want to wait–or don’t play on Switch–you can also grab the original release at Amazon for $20 on Xbox One or PS4. There’s also a Harvest Moon: One World collector’s edition that includes either the PS4 or Nintendo Switch version of the base game plus a collector’s box, diorama figure, and chicken plush.

Harvest Moon: One World Complete launches on Nintendo Switch on August 13.