Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Might Not Release In 2023 – Report


Dragon Age: Dreadwolf might be farther from release than previously thought, according to a new report. Two anonymous sources interviewed by Insider Gaming disclosed that the game lacks features, voice lines, and is still using placeholder text. The report claims that, although rumors suggested that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will release in 2023, the game is likely still further out.

The sources also share details of the game’s structure. Although multiplayer was cut from the game earlier in development, the report claims that some of systems connected to multiplayer remain. Players interact with a central hub between quests, where they can talk with party members, as well as buy and customize equipment. Completing missions will net players more crew members and resources to spend back at base.

One of the sources claims the combat takes cues from Final Fantasy XV, with a real-time combat system. Players are also unable to directly control crew members, instead selecting an ability for them to use during combat.

According to Bioware itself, the game was playable from start to finish in October 2022. A report from 2021 suggested that Dreadwolf was in good shape and progressing toward release. None of these reports necessarily contradict each other, however it’s difficult to know what Dreadwolf’s actual release window will be.