Destiny 2: Lightfall Is Nerfing Resilience


A huge overhaul of Destiny 2’s mod system is coming in next month’s Lightfall expansion, and as part of those changes, Resilience will be getting a slight nerf. Essentially an extra layer of armor for your Guardian, enhancing this stat can add an extra 40% of damage reduction to your build. Bungie plans to cap Resilience at 30% from Lightfall, as the studio explained that these changes will see the investment curve adjusted so that they offer great value even at lower levels.

“We’ve tuned the curve a bit. At the top end, tier 10 Resilience will provide 30% damage reduction against combatants, but we’ve also made the progression smoother, so at lower tiers you will get more value from Resilience without feeling like you have to max out at tier 10 to get a benefit,” design lead Rodney Thompson explained to PC Gamer.

Resilience is still going to be a valuable stat to consider in Destiny 2 once Lightfall goes live, as 30% damage reduction is still better than no damage reduction. Survivability can also be increased with the right Exotics equipped, and with Lightfall introducing custom loadouts and a redesigned approach to seasonal artifact mods, it won’t be too difficult to have the right gear for the right situation.

Destiny 2: Lightfall launches on February 28, and ahead of its arrival, Bungie has been sharing more details on how the game will be changing. Last week saw a new look at the secret Neptunian city of Neomuna and a breakdown of the new tools that Guardians will have for dealing with those pesky Champions.