YouTuber Builds A Nintendo PlayStation, Saves $300,000


If you’re a PlayStation fan, you can thank Nintendo for its decision to ditch Sony and partner up with Phillips for its first CD-based console, ultimately leading to the greatest revenge flex of all time when Sony entered the gaming market with the PlayStation console. But before Nintendo’s great betrayal, a prototype of a Sony-powered SNES console did exist. If you had enough cash, that device could have been yours for a little over $300,000.

That price tag might be a tad too high for most people, and fortunately, there is a more affordable alternative as demonstrated by YouTuber James Channel. All you need are old SNES and PlayStation consoles, knowledge on how to safely work with electricity, and a lot of hot glue to create your very own Nintendo-branded Sony CD-ROM console. A word of warning: If you’re squeamish when it comes to seeing vintage console technology cut apart and Frankensteined into a hybrid device, you might want to look away before you click on the video below.

As demonstrated above, there are a few challenges to consider before you jam the internal hardware of a PlayStation into an SNES shell. A lot of superfluous material needs to be hacked off, but if you persevere and don’t run out of hot glue, you too can put together your very own Nintendo PlayStation.

2024 will mark the 30th anniversary of PlayStation, and while Sony has yet to announce any special events to celebrate this milestone, Sony will likely have something planned to mark the occasion. We’re hoping for the announcement of a PS1-style PS5, just like the one that outgoing PlayStation boss Jim Ryan got at his farewell party last year.