Xbox-Style Quick Resume Is Coming To Minecraft On PC


A version of arguably the best feature on Xbox Series X|S is now available in a PC game. Mojang has announced the release of Quick Play, a new feature in the Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft that allows you to rapidly jump back into the game.

As detailed on the official Minecraft website, Quick Play is automatically installed in the Minecraft Launcher. Your five most recent worlds will be available to select from the launcher, and picking one will launch you directly into it without interacting with any of the usual menus or screens you’d normally encounter before logging in.

The oldest world will be bumped off when all five slots are used, but you can keep specific worlds in Quick Play by pinning them. If a world is removed from Quick Play, you can still access it normally.

Players won’t need to do anything to enable this feature, but it can be turned off by visiting the launcher’s settings. All the data tied to Quick Play will be stored in the player’s PCs and not anywhere else. If you decide to turn off this feature, it’ll only delete the Quick Play data, but not the world.

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