Xbox Game Pass Is Getting A Helpful New Feature


A few more small–but useful–features are coming to Xbox Game Pass soon, focusing on quality-of-life tweaks. The first is a new prompt designed to inform users when an Xbox Game Pass title is leaving the library, and you can expect to see this one pop up whenever you start a game from the catalog that’s on its way out.

This feature will also make it easier to purchase the game if you intend to keep on playing it, according to Xbox, and as a reminder, Game Pass subscribers get a discount toward these titles once they’ve left the service. Secondly, Xbox users can expect a “new experience” in certain sections of the Xbox Guide. This update will be available first to Alpha Skip-Ahead users through the Xbox Preview program, and the rest of the userbase can expect to see it roll out eventually.

If you’re looking to add some new titles to your Game Pass library, January has already delivered a few high-profile titles. Palworld has been off to a terrific start on PC and is also available on Xbox Series X|S through its preview program, and you can also check out Turnip Boy Robs a Bank or F1 23. On February 2, Atlus fans can look forward to Persona 3 Reload, a complete remake of the original classic game.

As for departures, only one game is leaving Xbox Game Pass this month, but it’s one of the best in its library. Globetrotting adventure Hitman: World of Assassination will stealthily exit on January 31.