Xbox Game Pass: Four More Day-One Launches Coming This Month


Microsoft has announced the second wave of Game Pass additions for September, as well as some titles arriving in early October, and there are some notable games on the way. In total, there are four day-one new releases on tap for the second half of September.

The Souls-like Pinocchio game, Lies of P, is out now on Game Pass. It’s getting generally great reviews, including an 8/10 Lies of P review at GameSpot, and is a day-one new release on Game Pass. Another day-one release is the whimsical battle royale game Party Animals (September 20), which lets players become animals and battle until only one person or team remains standing.

Yet another day-one new release, Payday 3, lands on September 21. This is the newest entry in the heist-themed co-op FPS series, featuring robberies across New York City. Lastly, a fourth day-one new release is Cocoon (September 29), the latest game from Limbo and Inside lead designer Jeppe Carlsen. This is an eerie puzzle game featuring “world-leaping” game mechanics.

Microsoft also revealed some titles headed to Game Pass in October, including the Batman game Gotham Knights (October 3) and the day-one new release The Lamplighter’s League (October 3).

There are a bunch of games leaving the Game Pass catalog in September as well. With the additions and removals combined, the Game Pass library is losing nine games in September.

September has already seen the release of Microsoft’s biggest Game Pass release of 2023, Starfield, and Microsoft launched Game Pass Core, so it’s been a very big month for the catalog and the wider Xbox ecosystem.

There might be some surprises left for the remainder of September, however, as Microsoft has told fans to expect Game Pass announcements at its Tokyo Game Show event on September 21.

Game Pass September 2023 Wave 2 Additions

Out now

  • Lies of P — console, cloud, PC

September 20

  • Party Animals — console, cloud

September 21

  • Payday 3 — console, cloud, PC

September 29

  • Cocoon — console, PC

October 3

  • Gotham Knights — console, cloud, PC
  • The Lamplighter’s League — console, cloud, PC