Win This X-Men Xbox With The World’s Most Complicated Design On It


To celebrate the recent debut of the X-Men TV series, X-Men ’97, Microsoft and Marvel have teamed up for a special-edition X-Men Xbox Series X.

The console, which is not for sale but can be won via a giveaway, comes wrapped with a comic inspired by the series. Marvel writer Rich Douek and artist Paco Diaz created the two-page story. This comic features Cyclops taking the X-Men into battle against Sentinels and Master Mold.

Behold, the X-Men Xbox

This is the first time an Xbox Series X has been wrapped by a comic book, Microsoft said. The bundle also comes with a set of controllers themed around the colors of X-Men characters, including Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, Morph, Magneto, Jubilee, Gambit, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Beast, and Bishop.

To enter for a chance to win this Xbox and controller, players need to follow the Xbox X account (formerly Twitter) and re-share this post. The contest closes on May 20.

X-Men ’97, which is a continuation of an earlier series from the ’90s, is streaming now on Disney+. GameSpot’s X-Men ’97 review scored the show a 7/10.

“X-Men ’97 is what you expect it to be. It’s a fun continuation of a series that was beloved. X-Men ’97 has the exact same problems as the original,” reviewer Mat Elfring said. “It’s chaotic, storylines are wrapped up too quickly, and characters tend to disappear with no explanation. However, the first three episodes of the series prove to be a great start for a show that many people wanted to see return, and it’s a great kickoff, with two of those episodes being the best in the entirety of the series. For those who haven’t read many X-Men comics but love the X-Men, this is exactly what they need.”