Western Digital 4TB PS5 SSD Gets Rare, Massive Discount


Did Final Fantasy VII Rebirth fill up your PS5 storage? Or do you need a bit of extra space to install Dragon’s Dogma 2? If you are really serious about future-proofing your PS5 storage capacity, check out the WD Black 4TB SN850X Internal SSD, which is on sale for just $237. The SSD is regularly discounted to around $300–it has an (unrealistic) list price of $700–but we’ve rarely seen it hit a price this low.

The biggest caveat to this impressive deal is that you need to be an Amazon Prime member to see the full discount. But since Prime gets you a bundle of other features (such as free two-day shipping, access to Prime Video, and additional discounts), it more than makes up for its cost of $15/month.

Also, note that while the WD Black 4TB SN850X Internal SSD works with PS5, you’ll need to purchase and install a heatsink (consider picking up this one for just $9). Once the heatsink and SSD are installed, you’ll benefit from speeds that are indistinguishable from your PS5’s native SSD, giving you 4TB of additional storage for all your favorite games.

Yes, 4TB is a lot of space. It’s roughly six times larger than the usable space on the standard PS5 and five times as big as the PS5 Slim’s usable space. As such, it may not be the most practical choice, but if you hate deleting games or simply bounce between a bunch of big AAA games regularly, you’re getting the highest capacity consumer SSD from Western Digital for a great price.

Alternatively, you can pick up the WD 4TB SN850P SSD with Heatsink for $285 (down from $340). You’ll obviously save more money by picking up the WD Black 4TB SN850X Internal SSD and installing your own heatsink–but if you don’t mind spending an extra $50 to streamline the process, this is a great offer. In fact, this is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for the Western Digital 4TB SN850P, and that includes Black Friday last year. Once again, you’ll need to be a Prime member to cash in on the savings.

A bunch of other Western Digital and SanDisk items are on sale at Amazon, including microSD cards and flash drives. The SanDisk 1TB Extreme Pro USB is a particular standout, as it’s just $88 (down from $380) for Prime members.