Wario Fans Can Get His Latest Nintendo Switch Game For Cheap, But Only If You Move It


WarioWare: Move It is the latest entry in the quirky series, offering more than 200 “microgames” designed to get you up off the couch. It’s a fun party game (thanks to support for up to four players), and right now you can get it for just $30 at Walmart. This matches the lowest price since launching late last year. This deal has popped up a few times this year and tends to not be available for very long.

Anyone familiar with the WarioWare series should already know what to expect with Move It. The game follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, having you and a few friends take part in lightning-fast microgames that last just a few seconds. Most of them are motion-based, as you’ll be chopping bamboo, curtseying to onlookers, and performing other off-the-wall actions.

Our WarioWare: Move It review noted that, while not as good as some other entries in the series, there’s a lot of fun to be had with this strange title.

“For WarioWare: Move It, Nintendo has repeated the pose-based games from the Wii’s WarioWare: Smooth Moves,” wrote critic Steve Watts. “But while the games are as wacky as ever and frequently hilarious, many of the poses (or “Forms”) themselves are too complex… If your friend circle is willing to put in the time to learn all the poses–and deal with some potential technical hiccups–then you may have a good time.”