Unicorn Overlord’s Unique Collector’s Edition Gets First Discount At Amazon


We’ve had some pretty great games throughout 2024, but one of the most visually striking titles and distinct games so far is Unicorn Overlord. Developed by Vanillaware, the studio behind the critically acclaimed 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, this high-fantasy epic is full of swords, sorcery, and memorable characters. If you’re looking to pick it up for Xbox, you can get a nice discount on its elegant collector’s edition at Amazon. Fittingly, this is a unique collector’s edition, as it comes with a full Unicorn Overlord card game and a bunch of other goodies

The MSRP on Unicorn Overlord’s collector’s edition is $130, but you can get a 14% discount on the Xbox Series X version, dropping the price to $111.79. It’s not the biggest discount, but it’s certainly better than the $175 and up price being charged for the out-of-stock Nintendo Switch edition on the resale market. At the moment, only the Switch version is difficult to find for retail price, but that could of course change.

Unicorn Overlord Collector’s Edition

This edition comes with the base game inside of a nice slipcase box, an art book, a two-CD soundtrack full of 16-bit music, a card game with 239 cards, and a DLC voucher. As mentioned, the Switch version of Unicorn Overlord’s Monarch Edition quickly sold out at launch. It’s worth noting you can still grab it for its regular $130 price for PS5 (at least for now).

“The visuals in Unicorn Overlord dazzle right from the opening cutscene, with Vanillaware’s well-loved 2D art bringing a detailed fantasy realm to life,” Heidi Kemps wrote in GameSpot’s Unicorn Overlord review. “There’s so much satisfaction and gameplay depth here to sink your teeth into that you may find yourself thinking deeply about the game’s team dynamics even when you’re not playing. When the primary feeling a game leaves you with is wanting to play more of it, you know you have a gem on your hands.”