UC Berkeley Is Offering A Class That’ll Help You Get Good At Fighting Games


UC Berkeley is offering a class that’s centered around fighting games for the Spring 2024 semester. Not only will the class teach people how to become better players, but it’ll also explore the impact the genre has had on the world.

Thanks to a UC Berkeley course description, we know that the goal of this class is “to help bring beginners to a mid-level of play with guided assistance to offer the smoothest introduction to the world of fighting games.” Since the class is beginner-friendly, it’s “geared towards people with less than 100 hours in the genre.”

In addition to getting good at fighting games, it’ll also explore its impact on Japanese culture. According to the class description, the course is meant to be a “gateway to understanding modern Japanese culture.”

Unfortunately, to attend the class, you have to be an admitted UC Berkeley student. The class will be in person every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 PM to 6:30 PM. Application for the class ends on January 24. To sign up, click here.

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