This Emote And Back Bling Were The Reason Fortnite Games Were Crashing


Epic has temporarily removed the Yoda back bling in Fortnite due to a bug that caused the game to crash for specific players whenever they performed the Zoidberg-inspired emote.

Just a few days after the Yoda black bling was introduced as part of the May 4th update, some players quickly discovered that their game would crash whenever they combined the two. Below, you’ll find a tweet shown by iFireMonkey, a well-known Fortnite content creator, demonstrating how the bug works.

As Kotaku pointed out, Epic was made aware of this issue just a day before iFireMonkey’s video was posted. On the official Fortnite Status X/Twitter account, the studio released a statement saying:

“We’re aware that players may be experiencing occasional game crashes when using the Yoda Gear Pack, and the team is investigating the issue. We’ll provide an update when we have one.”

Shortly after that tweet was posted, Fornite vaulted an entire shop role which included the Disassembled C-3PO, Dagobah Luke Bundle, Dagobah Luke Bundle, and the Yoda Gear Pack. As of now, it’s unclear when Master Yoda and Dagobah Luke will be added back to the game.

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