This Discounted Steam Deck Dock Has A Built-In M.2 SSD Slot


The official Steam Deck Docking Station is pretty solid, but it’s also expensive at $79. Plus, it doesn’t come with some of the features found on third-party docks, which means it’s often worthwhile to consider alternatives. You can save money and get a dock that performs just as well as the official model. After all, Steam Deck docks are simply USB-C hubs with a cradle. Sabrent is one of the third-party manufacturers that has become popular on Amazon for Steam Deck docking needs. Right now, you can save on a pair of Sabrent Steam Deck docks at Amazon, including an extremely budget-friendly option for $25 and a premium dock with a built-in SSD slot.

Sabrent Steam Deck dock

The Sabrent 6-Port Docking Station is the cheaper of the two, currently on sale for $25 (down from $30). It offers pretty much all the same ports and connections as the official Steam Deck Docking Station, including three USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, and an HDMI port. Other benefits include support for 4K output and up to 60Hz refresh rates. It is worth noting that this budget dock doesn’t include an ethernet port, so you’d have to purchase a cheap adapter for a hardwired connection.

If you want a Steam Deck dock with more features, consider stepping up to the Sabrent Docking Station with M.2 SSD Slot, as it’s on sale for $70 (down from $80). This dock comes with a compartment for M.2 SSD cards, allowing you to expand your Steam Deck’s storage while docked. Some games feel more at home on large TVs, and they tend to be AAA titles that eat big chunks of storage. This dock allows you to conserve space on your Steam Deck’s built-in SSD while still taking advantage of the fast speeds of NVMe SSDs when playing in docked mode.

In addition to the slot for an M.2 SSD, this dock comes with a USB-C port for your power supply, two USB 3.2 ports, one USB 2.0 port, HDMI 2.0, and a Gigabit ethernet port.

To make the most of this M.2 slot, we’ve put together a small list of quality SSDs that are supported by the Sabrent dock, some of which are on sale. The dock does not come with an NVMe SSD; you’ll need to buy it separately.

M.2 SSDs for Steam Deck dock