These Glasses Create A 135-Inch Personal Monitor, Come With Translucent 8BitDo Controller


Last year, Viture raised over $3 million to bring its Viture One XR/AR glasses to the masses. This year, the company is launching a successor, the Viture Pro, which appear to offer improvements across the board. These glasses are designed to replicate a massive 135-inch display, allowing you to game or work without the need to lug around a giant monitor. To celebrate the aunch, the Viture Pro XR/AR Glasses come bundled with a free 8BitDo limited-edition controller. Specifically, 8BitDo created a translucent black version of the Ultimate C wireless controller that’s exclusive to Viture customers. It’s also worth noting that Viture One glasses are on sale for $50 off for a limited time.

The glasses can connect to a variety of electronics via the Pro Mobile Deck, which is compatible with all standard USB-C displays and is used to quickly connect devices to the display.

Nintendo Switch is a particularly good fit for the Viture Pro, as the company notes the original Mobile Deck was built specially for Nintendo’s handheld console. Of course, it’ll also work with smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other handheld PCs, so you should have no problem getting your favorite content projected onto the glasses.

If the Viture Pro seems too pricey a $459, the original Viture One XR/AR Glasses are on sale for $389 (down from $439). These produce a 120-inch display, and since this is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for them, they’re worth checking out. Just make sure to click the coupon box to get the deal at Amazon.

On the more budget-friendly side, you could pick up a Meta Quest 2 and access its theater mode. It’s not quite the same experience–and requires you to wear a much bulkier piece of headgear in comparison–but the Quest 2’s theater mod lets you enjoy certain content on a huge virtual display. The popular VR headset is seeing a nice discount at Amazon, as you can snag it for $199 (down from $249).

Viture Pro XR bundle