There’s A New Destiny 2 Cutscene You Probably Missed This Week


A not-insignificant amount of Destiny 2 players have been missing a cutscene early on in the new Season of Defiance’s story. That’s a shame because without it, countless players have been missing their chance to hear Crow, everyone’s favorite brooding character, call himself “beefy.”

The cutscene, which is supposed to play after players finish their first Defiant Battleground, sees us catching up with Amanda Holliday, the Last City’s shipwright, and Crow. Unfortunately for Crow, who surprises Amanda and your Guardian just as they are cleaning up a fight, Amanda shoots and kills him, though he’s resurrected by his Ghost just moments later. The rest of the scene plays out a growing tension between Amanda and Crow, who had grown to be close friends before she discovered that he, in a previous life, murdered her friend Cayde-6 during the events of the now-vaulted expansion, Forsaken.

The cutscene, which did appear for me at least, has apparently not shown up for a ton of players upon completion of the Defiant Battleground mission as part of the Season of Defiance. While most habitual Destiny 2 players simply exit missions once they’re beaten, many replies to the above tweet noted that they waited through the countdown that typically appears, only for the scene to not play. Seemingly, many players didn’t even realize there was a cutscene they missed until they saw others talking about it online.

Considering the fact that the story between these two characters was put front and center this early in the season, it’s safe to say they could be integral to the rest of the Season of Defiance. Here’s hoping there aren’t anymore scenes players miss as the story unfolds over the next few months.

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