The Wolf Among Us 2 Is Still In Production This Year Despite Layoffs, New Images Revealed


New images from The Wolf Among Us 2 have been released, confirming that Telltale Games is still working on the game, despite it being announced back in 2019.

On the Telltale community forums, the developer showed off four new screenshots from The Wolf Among Us 2, saying, “We’ve been quiet because we’ve been heads down, focusing on the promise of TWAU2. While we can’t give a big update yet, here’s a little something for you: In-progress shots from the current build. The work continues. The Fabletown gang will be back.”

One is a shot of a snowy city with a person standing on a rooftop, presumably the protagonist, Bigby Wolf. A second screenshot shows Bigby’s face as he’s seemingly talking to someone, and a third screenshot shows two character sitting down to have a conversation. The fourth screenshot simply shows Bigby walking around in a kitchen. You can see them, as rounded up by Geoff Keighley, below.

Telltale Games laid off developers back in October, and according to one former cinematic artist, the team working on The Wolf Among Us 2 was already “very small.” Unfortunately, additional information about the game’s progress couldn’t be revealed as those who were laid off had to sign an NDA about it.

When the layoffs occurred, Telltale reiterated that the game was still being worked on and wasn’t in any danger of being canceled. However, it was delayed out of 2023 with no updated release window at this time. It will launch on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.