The Witcher Remake Will Remove “Simply Bad” And Outdated Elements


A remake of The Witcher is in development, and according to developer CD Projekt Red, you can expect some big changes to parts of the original game that haven’t held up too well since 2007. According to CEO Jakub Rokosz, the studio will be removing parts of The Witcher that are outdated or are “simply bad”.

Speaking to Edge (via GamesRadar), Rokosz said that “first and foremost, we need an honest, down-to-earth analysis of which parts are simply bad, outdated, and need to be remade,” but these changes will be done while “highlighting the parts that are great, should be retained, or are direct key pillars that can’t be discarded” for the remake.

Some fans have already begun predicting which elements will be sent to the chopping block. Obvious changes include the dated combat and traversal systems, while online, fans are speculating that Geralt’s infamous “Romance Cards” won’t be included in the remake either.

The Witcher remake is just one of several big projects in development at CD Projekt Red currently. The studio is also looking to the future of the franchise as work has begun on The Witcher 4, a Cyberpunk 2077 sequel is in development, and a new IP, Project Hadar, is currently in the conceptual phase of planning.