The Witcher 3 Mega Construx Building Kit Is 60% Off At Amazon


Like Lego, Mega has collaborated with several IPs and created some fascinating building sets. This kit based on CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher series of video games is a prime example of its team-up efforts, as the end result is a pretty great replica of a key scene from the acclaimed third game and one of its most fearsome monsters. Available at Amazon and Best Buy, this set just got a 60% discount and is available for $44 (was $110). Best Buy is selling it for a slightly higher price ($50), in case Amazon sells out.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Geralt’s Griffin Hunt

This isn’t a very complex build, but it will keep you busy for an hour or two. Inside the box, you’ll find 431 bricks that can be used to construct Geralt, the Corvo Bianco home, and a buildable Griffin that towers over the famed Witcher. This monster has a silicone mane and articulated wings, allowing you to stick it in a variety of poses. Geralt is no slouch either, as this action figure of him comes equipped with his signature armor and a pair of swords. He’s also extremely poseable, so you can set up a dynamic diorama with this set.

Finally, the Corvo Bianco home has its own fireplace–which can be lit up with LED batteries, a trophy Leshen skull, and several other nods to the video games. If you’re interested in other video game sets from Mega, there’s a great sale running right now for several of its Pokemon building kits.

These are highly detailed diorama pieces with extra mechanical features and are designed to be displayed once you’re done building them. Currently, you can also pick up some fun afternoon sets like Charizard, Gyarados, Pikachu, and more, all at big discounts.

  • Charizard (1,664 pieces) — $64 ($140)
  • Gyarados (2,186 pieces) — $120 ($172)
  • Machamp (399 pieces) — $30
  • Dugtrio (343 pieces) — $30
  • Pikachu (1,092 pieces) — $75 ($97)
  • Golbat (313 pieces) — $30
  • Forest Center (648 pieces) – $37 ($80)
  • Lapras (527 pieces) – $25 ($55)
  • Pokemon Countryside Windmill (240 pieces) – $15 ($33)
  • Butterfree (605 pieces) – $33 ($65)
  • The Witcher: Geralt’s Griffin Hunt (431 pieces) — $49 ($110)