The Skyrim Library Box Set Is Massively Discounted At Amazon


If you’re a big Elder Scrolls fan, one of the best companions/collectibles you can buy is The Skyrim Library book set. Right now, The Skyrim Library is on sale for $54 at Amazon, down from its list price of $105. The set consists of The Skyrim Library Book I, Book II, and Book III. All three volumes are hardcover bound, and the set comes with a gorgeous slipcase featuring unique dragon artwork.

The Skyrim Library book set

The Skyrim Library volumes compile in-game texts and include beautiful illustrations–ranging from items to character art. Book I is called The Histories, Book II is Man, Mer, and the Beast, and Book III is The Arcane.

If you’re not getting it yourself, the Skyrim Library book set would make for a great gift.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim originally released in 2011 and received an Anniversary Edition in 2021. It’s on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Elder Scrolls VI, the sequel, has been highly anticipated for many years. It will be an Xbox and PC exclusive.

The Skyrim Library isn’t the only Elder Scrolls book on sale at Amazon. Elder Scrolls Online fans can grab this two-volume set for $40 (down from $70), and you can also make some authentic Elder Scrolls meals with the help of the official cookbook for $19 (normally $35).