The Original Meta Quest Is Losing Support And Features


Meta has announced that it’s officially ending support for the Quest 1, as it will cease adding new features to the original virtual reality headset. While users can still expect software and security patches to be added, this support will also come to an end in 2024.

While Quest 1 users will still be able to use the headsets and any compatible apps, the option to create or join a party will no longer be available. Quest 1 owners will also lose access to Meta Horizon Home social features from March 5, such as the ability to visit the homes of other users or invite them into your digital house.

The writing was on the wall for the Quest 1 when support for the hardware began to dwindle in recent months, with industry rumors claiming that a Quest 3 will be revealed this year. Reports say that this device will offer a more affordable alternative to the high-end Meta Quest Pro, which launched in October 2022 for $1,500. Meanwhile, the Oculus Quest 2 got a price increase last year, going up from $400 to $500.

While Facebook has focused heavily on VR and its Metaverse initiative–while also incurring massive financial losses in the process–Sony will be looking to sway consumers to its take on the technology when it releases PSVR 2 in February.

Priced at $550, the PSVR 2 bundle includes the headset and a pair of the new wireless Sense controllers. For more details, you can check out GameSpot’s feature on everything that we know about PSVR 2.