The Complete Pokemon Pocket Guide Box Set Is 1,100 Pages Of Poke-Facts For Only $29


Sure, you might have memorized the original Pokemon Rap when you were a kid, but things have changed! There are a lot more than just 151 Pokemon, and for those days when you’re looking for a breakdown on how to evolve your pocket monster, it’s always handy to have a complete Pokedex nearby.

That’s what Pokemon: The Complete Pokemon Pocket Guide is all about. Spread across two massive paperback volumes, the new Pokemon Pocket Guide published by Viz Media is worth checking out if you want a physical Pokedex to flip through. Volume 1 (560 pages) released on April 23 and is available for $13.49 (was $15) at Amazon. Volume 2 (552 pages) is set to release on May 28, and it’s available to preorder now for $15.

Alternatively, you preorder a box set featuring both paperback volumes, neatly packaged in a displayable slipcase. The Complete Pokemon Pocket Guide Box Set is priced at $29 and releases September 24. You’ll spend about the same amount of money whether you buy each volume separately or preorder the box set, so what matters is if you’re willing to wait and/or you care about the slipcase.

Pokemon: The Complete Pokemon Pocket Guide

The Complete Pokemon Pocket Guide Box Set

With over 1,100 pages combined, these volumes provide you with data on 898 Pokemon (out of 1,025 total). This includes descriptions, stats, abilities, movies, and evolutions for the critters. With its pocket-friendly size, you can carry these books around with you for those days when you take your Switch. The books have been a mammoth undertaking–hence the exclusion of the Paldean region Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet–and every Pokedex entry in the guide features full illustrations.

While sites like Bulbapedia are incredibly valuable for instant access to vital Pokemon data, you can’t discount the appeal of physical media. Whether you use the Pokemon Pocket Guide while on your quests to catch ’em all, or you simply like the idea of flipping through a paperback filled with full-color illustrations and loads of neat details, these new guides offer a budget-friendly way to do just that.

Plus, this exhaustively researched two-tome set could make for a great gift for the Pokemon fans in your life.