The Awesome Lego Optimus Prime Is On Sale For A Stellar Price


Lego Optimus Prime from Transformers is discounted to $144 at Amazon. That’s 20% off this awesome building set’s $180 list price, which matches last year’s Black Friday deal. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this offer sell out quickly. Amazon doesn’t list an end date for the deal either, so it could disappear at any time. Lego Optimus Prime is comprised of 1,508 pieces and, much like other large-scale Lego sets, is recommended for adults and experienced builders.

Optimus is ready to roll out.

What sets this particular Lego set apart from many other licensed kits of this size is that it has a level of interactivity built into it. Though you won’t be pulling off dynamic poses, you will be able to gently adjust the limbs of Optimus, equip him with his trademark ion blaster, and you can even replace his hand with his legendary Energon-Axe.

The real magic here is that Optimus can transform into his signature truck mode, easily shifting from Autobot commander to a big rig that’s ready to roll out. To get to that point is the fun part though, and with 10 bags filled with hundreds of bricks, it’ll take you just over three hours to build everyone’s favorite Cybertronian.

Once you’re done, you’ll have an Optimus Prime replica that has just the right amount of Lego flair to it, with only a few studs visible.