Switch 2 Release Window Still Uncertain Despite Nintendo’s Earnings News, Analyst Says


Everyone wants to know when Nintendo is releasing its successor to the Switch, but details are thin on the ground. Recently, some industry observers concluded that Nintendo is unlikely to release the “Switch 2” (as we’re calling it) before April at the earliest, because president Shuntaro Furukawa told investors that its current sales forecasts do not include a new console.

However, as Daniel Ahmad–director of research & insights at Niko Partners–argues, such indications don’t mean much. He cites Nintendo’s forecasts from 2016, opining that while Nintendo did include forecasted Switch sales in its forecast for 2017, the release date for the original Switch was already public at that point. Since the Switch 2 release date is obviously still a secret, it’s possible that Nintendo could add such numbers to its forecast at a later date. However, we really don’t know one way or another–a point that Ahmad emphasizes.

Switch 2 rumors started swirling earlier this month when Nintendo confirmed that its new console would be announced this fiscal year, which ends in April 2025. So, regardless of when the release announcement finally happens, it’s sure to be less than a year, at least according to the current plan. Don’t get too excited, though, as the company did confirm that its June Nintendo Direct will not feature the new console.