Stellar Blade – How To Get The Lingerie Outfit


Stellar Blade stars Eve, a warrior with killer moves and looks. Still, given all the fan service this game has to offer, it’s no wonder that a particular reward awaits those who are completionists at heart. Here’s our guide on how to get the Black Pearl lingerie in Stellar Blade.

How to get the Black Pearl lingerie in Stellar Blade

The Black Pearl lingerie is the final reward that you can obtain once you’ve acquired all 49 can collectibles. This is no easy feat given the sheer number of items, as well as certain related tasks.

Aside from the lingerie reward, collecting a certain number of cans (every seven) nets you permanent boosts, too. These increase the maximum number of consumable items readily held in your inventory, such as Lingering Potions, Smart Mines, Pulse Grenades, Sonic Grenades, WB Pumps, and more.

The Black Pearl is yours once you’ve acquired all 49 cans.

Tips to obtain all cans

If you want to unlock the Stellar Blade Black Pearl lingerie, the best thing to do is read our can collectibles guide since we have it organized per region. We also mention when certain items become accessible (i.e. an ability might be needed).

Apart from that, there’s the Can Detector upgrade for your drone. It requires you to unlock other perks along the left-hand side of the skill tree, and the perk itself costs 4x Drone Upgrade Modules. Once unlocked, the drone will make a whirring noise if a can is nearby. Sadly, the sound effect is barely audible, so you really need to be alert.

The Can Detector upgrade for your drone might be viable.

Lastly, we want to avoid spoilers as much as possible (since the game just came out). However, we do have to mention that there are two points of no return in the campaign. The game will warn you when you’re about to make a fateful decision, which will prevent you from returning to a certain area. It’s imperative that you pick up all the important items therein. If you miss out on anything, you might have no other choice but to try again in New Game Plus mode.

In any case, this is how to get the Black Pearl lingerie in Stellar Blade. For Eve’s other attires, you can check our outfits and nano suits guide.

Stellar Blade has you facing off against vicious Naytiba, all while trying to figure out your origins. Action, thrills, and a bunch of collectibles/unlockables await. For more tips, you can visit our guides hub.