SteamWorld Build – Where To Get Old Tech Rocket Parts For The Astrodome


SteamWorld Build Old Tech Rocket Parts will have you searching for new discoveries as you make your way through dark caverns. Expect plenty of challenges along the way as you look for a means of progressing further in your playthrough. Our guide discusses the Astrodome and where find Old Tech Rocket Parts in SteamWorld Build.

Where to find Old Tech Rocket Parts for the Astrodome in SteamWorld Build

You can find Old Tech Rocket Parts in SteamWorld Build by searching each underground mine floor thoroughly. Likewise, if you’re playing story mode, the characters will tell you about how they want to leave the planet. This coincides with collecting all six Rocket Parts, leading to the conclusion of the campaign.

Your goal if you’re following the story is to find more Rocket Parts.

Old Tech Rocket Part locations in the mines

There are two SteamWorld Build Old Tech Rocket Parts in each specific mine area or floor. However, the locations tend to be different in a given run, especially if you choose a different map or if you randomize the mine areas. We also suggest considering a few additional factors:

  • Generally speaking, you can only unlock new functions, mechanics, and structures once you’ve achieved milestones. These usually entail satisfying the needs of citizens so you can upgrade their respective tiers.
  • A good example is how Bridges can only be built once you have 200 Engineers. The structure then lets Miner units cross chasms, which allows them to find hidden sections that might contain Old Tech.
  • You’ll also need to unlock doors and underground mineshafts. There’s a high chance that Old Tech is buried in areas past these inaccessible doors, which also happen to lead you to the next floor.

Select the Dig function to have Miners unearth the Old Tech.

How to Acquire Old Tech

Once you’ve discovered Old Tech in SteamWorld Build, you can collect it simply by selecting the Dig tool and clicking on the site. At least six Miners are required to complete the process, which can take a couple of minutes. Bear in mind that clicking on other objects or areas may cause those Miners to change their action priority, so it’s good to just focus solely on Old Tech extraction.

After the Old Tech has been fully revealed, simply click on the object. It will then get sent to the Astrodome automatically. You’ll also receive the “Going Places” achievement, assuming it’s the first Rocket Part that you’ve discovered.

Click on the box icon (left), so the Rocket Part gets sent to the Astrodome (right).

Astrodome location

The Astrodome is revealed once you’ve collected your first piece of Old Tech. It’s usually situated a short distance away from your main settlement area. Likewise, you’ll see that the parts are installed, implying that your characters and citizens are preparing to leave the planet. Again, you’ll need all six Rocket Parts to complete the objective.

In any case, that does it for our guide on where to find Old Tech Rocket Parts in SteamWorld Build. While you’re exploring the underground sections of each map, you might want to know how to use Workshops and Extractors, as well as how to trade and purchase items.