Starfield’s Next Update Detailed, Steam Beta Begins In March


Bethesda has announced that it will be putting Starfield’s next update on Steam Beta on March 6. This update focuses on quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes.

Bethesda has outlined some of the features that will be coming, such as adding expressions to photo mode. The scanner will also be improved so that players can continue to use it monitor the world while harvesting resources or opening doors.

Players will also be able to set course on an inactive mission, which will turn it active. Some detailed bug fixes include fixing David Barron, an NPC who would often disappear for many players during the “Sabotage” side mission.

Starfield is currently available for PC and Xbox Series X|S and Bethesda will continue to add more features and content to the game later this year.

There were rumors circulating that Microsoft would be bringing Starfield over to other platforms after its Shattered Space DLC expansion releases. Instead, Microsoft confirmed four other games for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. However, Xbox’s Phil Spencer doesn’t entirely rule out that possibility for Starfield, saying that any Xbox game could come to PS5, but not every one will.