South Park: Snow Day – All Henrietta Locations


South Park: Snow Day is a new cooperative 3D hack-and-slash game, which includes card-based mechanics and a pretty lengthy grind to level your character. South Park’s resident “goth girl” Henrietta can be found at various points on your adventure to offer you bonus cards to choose from. Here we guide you through all the locations where you can find her.

Henrietta offers you three cards at random. These can vary between extra resources like TP or Dark Matter, an upgrade to the rarity of your current cards, and more. Some of Henrietta’s locations are very obvious, but other spawns are a bit tricky to find. It’s also important to note that there are also some slight variations to the levels, and she might not always spawn.

All Henrietta Locations

Chapter 1 – Stark’s Pond

Found just past the covered bridge

During the Elves of the Hill stage, Henrietta can be found after the second wave of fights. She’s just beyond the covered bridge. This is one of her most obvious locations.

At a smaller ice pond near the water truck

Another location is during the stage at Stark’s Pond, where you’re tasked with finding the gas and keys for the truck. Henrietta can be found near the water truck. Just keep walking past the front of the truck, and she’s tucked away in a snowy nook.

Found just behind a snow wall below the tree platforms

While on the hunt for the keys, if the stage is set in the snowy wooded area with the tall platforms, grab the keys and jump down to the ground level. She can be found in the back right corner behind a wall of snow.

Trainyard location near locked gate

If your hunt for the keys is set at the trainyard, she’s tucked in the corner to the left of the lock you need to pick.

Under the trainyard after defeating all enemies

Again, while on the hunt for the keys, if the stage is set at the trainyard, she’s hidden under the train station platform. First, clear the enemies, then jump down towards the exit side, and look under the train station. This area isn’t accessible until you clear all enemies.

Chapter 2 – Near Main Street

Under a mountain during the first snowy mountaintop stage

Clear the first wave of enemies during the first snowy mountaintop stage. Then, instead of using the bounce pads to jump over to pick the lock on the gate, drop down and you’ll find Henrietta in a dark nook under the mountain.

At the bottom of the frozen waterfalls

During a stage set at frozen waterfalls, clear the enemies during the ambush, and then drop down to the bottom to find Henrietta beside the bottom of the falls.

Behind the buildings you reach after catapulting over to the other side of the street

For the rooftop stage, you can find Henrietta after you repair the catapult and launch over to the adjacent rooftops. As soon as you land, look down behind the buildings. She’s in the left corner.

Behind the ice pond and to the right of the Christmas tree

When searching for Stan near City Council, she can sometimes be found behind the ice skating pond and to the right of the large Christmas tree.

Chapter 3 – The Tests of Strength

Go through the hole to find Henrietta

After the theater fight, you’ll exit out the back door into an alley. Stop here and look for a wooden pallet laying up against a wall. Melee the wood to reveal a hole in the wall. Walk through to find Henrietta on the other side.

Chapter 4 – South Park Backyards

In the yard with the snowmen, found after you pick the first lock

During the first stage which tasks you to “Reach the end of the Backyard,” Henrietta can be found after you pick your first lock and advance through the gate. Just turn left immediately after crossing through. She’s on the other side of a fence, hanging out in a yard with snowmen.

Rooftop of Freeman’s Tacos

For the stage where you are tasked to “Get through Main Street,” work your way through the enemies until you can make a right into an alley and climb to the rooftop of Freeman’s Tacos. Henrietta’s up top waiting for you.

Mountaintop location behind the church

After you clear out the enemies in the thick snow behind the church, look for Henrietta before you talk to Jimmy and leave the church area. She’s high up on a mountaintop. So if you’re standing with Jimmy, turn around and look back at the mountain. You’ll see some rocks you can mantle up on and climb high enough to reach her.

Found after clearing out the gas station and unlocking the gate

During the stage “Hike to Cartman”, you’ll likely find her once you clear out the gas station enemies and pick the locked gate.

Chapter 5 – Hell’s Pass

Mountaintop near the start of the Hell’s Pass stage.

She can be found by clearing out enemies at the start of the first stage. Work towards the left, and look up to find a cannon on a mountain ledge. Henrietta is out of view here, but climb up in the direction of the cannon to find her a bit higher up.

X-ray room inside hospital

Once you enter the hospital building, hug the right side path, and you can sometimes find her in a nearby X-ray room.

Found inside a small ice cave below the giant ice door you must enter

A final opportunity can be found after fighting through an ice cave. After clearing the enemies here, a new door will be marked for you to enter. Before opening the door, look behind you and you’ll find a small path leading down the mountainside. This takes you down one level into a small cave with Henrietta.

If you’re looking for more help, make sure to check out our tips and tricks for getting started with South Park: Snow Day.