Snag 15 Audiobooks For $18 In Humble’s LitRPG Bundle


With the LitRPG genre, authors combine the deep storytelling of novels with the game elements of MMOs and RPGs, creating a more interactive experience. Humble’s LitRPG Audiobook Bundle offers as many as 15 of those books, making this a pretty great deal for fans who are looking to fill out their libraries.

The bundle includes 15 different audiobooks that blend RPG mechanics and genre fiction. You’ll even get a few full series. They include the Chronicles of Sir Crabby books, about a sentient crab fighting through an RPG-esque ocean, written by the author of the Noobtown series; the first two entries into the Qi=MC2 series, about a character trapped in a strange world and forced to take on challenges to increase his strength; and the first two Speedrunning the Multiverse books, about a godlike character battling through the multiverse to alleviate his boredom.

The price you choose to pay dictates how many novels you’ll get, and even at cheaper prices, you’re still getting a pretty good deal. Pay $1 and you’ll get Speedrunning the Multiverse: Book 1 by Adastra339. Upping the price to $10 adds Speedrunning the Multiverse: Book 2, as well as Runeseeker and Runeseeker 2, by C.J. Thompson and J.M. Clarke. You get all 17 LitRPGs if you kick the price up to a minimum of $18. Check out the full list below.

  • Speedrunning the Multiverse: Book 1
  • Speedrunning the Multiverse: Book 2
  • Runeseeker
  • Runeseeker 2
  • 12 Miles Below 1: The Frozen Realm
  • 12 Miles Below 2: A House Reborn
  • Divine Progression 1: Town Guard
  • Divine Progression 2: Soul Seer
  • Divine Progression 3: Blazer
  • Chronicles of Sir Crabby 1: Deepwater Dungeon
  • Chronicles of Sir Crabby 2: Incursion City
  • I Don’t Want to be the Hive Queen 1: Swarm
  • I Don’t Want to be the Hive Queen 2: Horde
  • Qi=MC2 Book One: The First Law of Cultivation
  • Qi=MC2 Book Two: The Second Law of Cultivation

You can also find quite a few of these LitRPG offerings, including the Qi=MC2 and Sir Crabby books, included in a Kindle Unlimited subscription, if you’d rather read than listen. In fact, Kindle Unlimited gets you even more books in the Speedrunning the Universe, Qi=MC2, 12 Miles Below, Runeseeker, and Divine Progression series. You can also get them piecemeal on Kindle through Amazon if you’d rather not spring for a Kindle Unlimited subscription, but for more than you’d pay in the Humble bundle.

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