Secretlab Is Releasing Gaming Footrests To Pair With Its Chairs


A gaming chair is good, but it can be better if you know exactly which extras to get for it. While Secretlab’s line of premium gaming chairs feature a number of plush materials, needs and requirements for personal comfort change from person to person, and fortunately, you can enhance your seating with a new line of footrests.

Secretlab has a new line of footrests available, which are split up into two parts. The $89 Premium Footrest features a static dual-density foam setup with an ergonomic super-ellipse design and a quilted fabric cover made of soft velour that your feet can rest on, and will start shipping out from March 6. The curved edge also allows a more natural resting position for your feet, and the materials are easy to wash.

Alternatively, the full-metal chassis Professional Footrest has a tilt-adjustable dynamic design that you can position your feet on, which supports free range movement and active blood circulation. This means that it allows for a rocking motion, so if your legs are restless, you can keep them busy. Or if you’d prefer to keep them in one position, you can lock the footrest between multiple angles.

Additionally, you’ll be able to customize this footrest with different materials so that you can dial it in to your personal preferences. This particular model will be available in June, and preorders are now available for it.