Save 25% On This Razer Gaming Chair At Amazon


You can save up to 25% on select models of the Razer Iskur XL gaming chair at Amazon right now. The black model is available for just $449.97, while the green model is down to $469.97 (both normally $600).

The Razer Iskur XL is a pretty large chair intended for people between 6’ and 6’10” (hence the “XL” in its name) and can support up to 400lbs. The chair features some of the best back support we’ve found in a gaming chair thanks to its built-in, adjustable lumbar curve for lower back support and adjustable armrests with multiple height and angle options.

Razer Iskur XL

Note that the chair ships unassembled, but step-by-step instructions are included. You can also opt for an “expert assembly” if you want your delivery person to build it for you, though this option tacks on an extra $90 to your order. We wouldn’t recommend that option, as the Iskur can easily be put together in around 45 minutes or less–no expert craftsmanship required to build it.

This Razer Iskur XL sale is a solid opportunity to grab a comfy gaming chair if you’re on the taller side and haven’t found one that fits your frame, but if you’re curious about other great gaming chairs, be sure to check out our round-up of the best gaming chairs (the Iskur is on the list).