Random Kid Arrested After Appearing On Stage At The Game Awards


The Game Awards went pretty much without a hiccup until the very bizarre end. It appears that a random kid ended up on stage with the Elden Ring team and interrupted by mumbling something completely unrelated to the evening’s proceedings into the mic. After The Game Awards ended, host Geoff Keighly confirmed that this individual has been arrested.

It’s unclear what he exactly said, though Bill Clinton seemed to be mentioned, but it is clear that he was not part of the Elden Ring entourage who went up to accept the Game of the Year award.

As the team was making their way towards the stage, you can see the kid go up the stairs with the Elden Ring crew–even patting one of the dev’s backs as he gets on stage. He mostly remained quiet until Hidetaka Miyazaki finished his speech.

It does appear that the kid was noticed since the camera cut to a wide shot, and security looked as if they were moving towards the stage. Though, it is surprising that he wasn’t stopped or pulled off the stage earlier, or at the very least, had his mic cut when he leaned in to speak.

Geoff Keighley did not look very happy ending The Game Awards, to no surprise. But shortly after the event ended, Keighley announced that The Game Awards reached record viewership peaks on YouTube and Twitch.