PUBG Is Bringing Back The Original Erangel Map For A Limited Time


Next month, PUBG wants to make you feel seven years younger with the return of the classic Erangel map. The original battleground for the game from 2017 will be available May 14-28 on PC and May 23-June 6 on consoles.

Erangel Classic, as it’s being called by the development team, will take the place of the modern Erangel in normal matches during this limited timeframe. Confirmed features coming back include: gloomy weather, the prematch island with a downed plane, classic UI, and the tommy gun in care packages. However, modern gameplay tweaks will be a part of this OG experience, with patch notes getting into more of these details on May 13.

This won’t be the first time a big battle royale game has decided to go back in time. Late last year, Fortnite had an OG Season that proved to be massively popular. The event revisited the game’s original island and led to record concurrent player-counts at the time. The PUBG team is most likely hoping for similar results with Erangel Classic.

Looking ahead, PUBG will see the addition of destructible environments in the future. Last month, the developer went over the 2024 roadmap for the game, which also promises to transition PUBG to Unreal Engine 5. It’s unknown at this time whether this shift is just for PC or all platforms. Unreal Engine is created by Fortnite maker Epic Games.