Possibility Space Shuts Down, Founder Blames Leaks


The studio Possibility Space has been shut down, effective today. Now-former studio employees have announced their departure.

Senior game designer Brendan McLeod stated that everyone at Possibility Space was laid off, and others such as former senior environmental artist Matt Graczyk and lead systems engineer Kyle Kukshtel have confirmed their layoffs.

According to Polygon, Possibility Space owner Jeff Strain blamed the studio closure on its employees leaking information to the press about its upcoming game, Project Vonnegut. As a result, Strain claims the studio was unable to secure additional resources from the project’s publisher and decided to cancel it instead.

This is the second studio to be closed under parent company Prytania Media. Last month, Prytania Media closed down Crop Circle Games. There are two other studios remaining, which are Dawon Entertainment and Fang & Claw, but it’s unclear what their status is.

Strain is best known as the cofounder of ArenaNet and worked on Guild Wars, as well as the founder of Undead Labs, the studio behind the State of Decay series. After the studio was acquired by Microsoft in 2018, he left and founded Possibility Space in 2021. Strain’s leaked note to staff stated that he is “stepping away from the game industry.”