Portable PlayStation Created By Modder, Combines Vintage Tech With Loads Of Hot Glue


One modder has taken the idea of a portable PlayStation to the next level, transforming an original PlayStation console into a working handheld gaming device. Dubbed the PS Hanami by its creator, YveltalGriffin, the device was made within a month and is packed with vintage parts, “beefy” stereo speakers, and a ton of hot glue to keep everything in place.

According to YveltalGriffin’s description, the motherboard from the PS1 had to be cut in half and rewired by hand to fit inside its new shell. The device can run for up to 2.5 hours on a full charge and is slightly larger than a PS Vita. It uses an XStation optical drive emulator to load games from an SD card. This build does have some slight issues, like no volume control, no heatsinks for when it begins to get “toasty” inside, and a temperamental power button.

Overall, it’s an impressive feat of engineering, although if you’re feeling nostalgic, there are easier alternatives available. A library of emulated PS1 games was available for both the PlayStation Portable and the PS Vita, and with the PlayStation Portal, you can stream classic games from your PS5 to that device via a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription. Those methods aren’t as authentic as YveltalGriffin’s PlayStation handheld, but for those of you who don’t want to risk destroying classic gaming hardware or hot glue burns, those are far safer solutions.

For another interesting console from the modding scene, check out the unofficial Nintendo PlayStation, a hybrid of an old SNES and a PlayStation Frankensteined into a tribute to one of gaming’s greatest betrayals.